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Documentary - The Life of Artist - Shona Hammond Boys - Fields of Lavender

Thank you to James Vonk for creating this documentary for me about the Childrens Art Houses around New Zealand, and how these are a role model for communities worldwide.


Landscape Paintings

Kia ora koutou,

I hope you enjoy these Landscape Paintings which I have enjoyed creating for People.

Ngā mihi, ​ 


Shona Hammond Boys Artist/Author/Musician/Film-Maker 

Landscape Paintings

The Tangata Whenua Collection - Trailer

Enjoy this 2:19 min short segment of the complete video above.

The Tangata Whenua Collection - Trailer

The Tangata Whenua Collection

After months of studying the features of the existing Maori in 1989, I began working to develop the series TANGATA WHENUA, THE PEOPLE OF THE LAND.  The idea was to take the essential myths and give them a face. It was an exciting challenge and I felt inspired to work combining the myth, the  person and the features of the Maori people present in 1989.

I hope you enjoy this video of my journey creating the Tangata Whenua Collection.

A trailer for the video can be seen below.

The Tangata Whenua Collection

Learn more about Shona the Author and Filmmaker.

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