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Lavender House - A Monet like garden and artist's studio

I arrived to live permanently at Lavender House in 2006 and began work on house restoration and setting out a Monet like organic garden and making a garden studio. The dream was to walk through roses to the studio, to plant in specific colours and to grow my own food and to have a garden open for tourist and friends. Woofers were used to support the work and it took two years to clear the section of its buried ancient materials. The soil is excellent and I make my own compost. The house is solid Kauri and was built in 1891. The house has some fine internal features and is treasured for its history by the local people of Opotiki. I have made some paintings in the garden. There are mosaics and sculptures, a perfumed courtyard and lavender plants are available.Works are for sale in the gallery studio.

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