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To whom it may concern. A message to everyone.

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Love Art, Be Kind

The New Zealand Children's Art House

  • Beginning in 1992 the New Zealand Children`s Art House Foundation has been working assisting the establishment of Children`s Art Clubs and children`s Art Houses nationally.

  • Our Children`s Art Clubs and Houses use two RULES LOVE ART AND BE KIND.

  • We encourage individual artistic experiences and the development of individual talents.

  • We believe that children need a social club of peers to share and develop their skills in BEING, FRIENDSHIP, CITIZEN SHIP AND LEADERSHIP.

  • We foster exhibitions to showcase solo and group works.

  • We encourage children to contribute their talents to the district, community and town.

  • We encourage children to think big and think globally.

  • We have established and developed Children`s Art Clubs and networks world- wide.


Many talented children find self- isolation and developing their skills very difficult without peers. They need buddies to meet face to face. In small groups Children`s Art Clubs have achieved remarkable results in assisting many very talented creators to be stable. Now with coronavirus people are asked to self- isolate and, Arts and creativity are the tools which can be used to find new beginnings. Talents are the key to eradicating boredom and to igniting the new and fresh pathways which inspire challenge and bring hope. Art has always been the foundation tool in education. Imagination being more important than knowledge.

Supporting Children`s Art Clubs has never been so important on our planet to develop humanity as kind, happy and busy, Art is needed. Children need to invent explore and discover the wonder magic and surprise of what their own talents can do in their own pace, time and scale.

By supporting Children`s Art and encouraging them to develop and share their talents throughout life we build a happy, busy, population who can overcome any obstacles and be productive, capable citizens who are never bored and who love life. Every talent is important. We must not waste our human potential. All creativity is needed. Love Art and Be Kind.

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