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Andrew was a founding pupil at the North Shore Childrens Art House. He worked hard for the Childrens Art Club in Mairangi Bay to see the First Children`s Art House established in Auckland New Zealand.  Andrew was noticed aged three at kindergarten. He drew these when six and seven.

Andrew was always an artist right from the start.  He was noticed on his first day of school drawing dinosaurs on the blackboards.  Then he progressed to drawing in chalk on the playgrounds.  At first Andrew drew sharks, then dinosaurs and geckos.  Later these changed to predators, aliens and star wars paintings.  Andrew won a National Young Conservation Award in 1996 for protecting the habitat of geckos in the south island. He had solo exhibitions and viewers were astounded with the fine skill and detail ability Andrew`s work displayed. Great examples of Andrew`s early works are held in the New Zealand Children's Art Collection and they are very skilled pieces of fantasy in mixed media. Today Andrew has his own studio in Birkenhead where his designs, paints and produces original work for tee shirts, tattoos and commissioned paintings.  Andrew has a great sense of humour and a lively interest in life.  As a free lance artist Andrew Murdock Stanaway will draw anything anyone asks for posters, album art or cards.  He was named as The NZCAHF Emerging Artist of the year in 1998.  Check out his portfolio here - The Art of Andrew Murdock Stanaway.

Andrew Stanaway and Scott Banks NZCAHF Emerging Artist Award Winners.

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