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These books have been prepared as educational and discussion tools for school aged children particularly 8-12 years. They are specifically written and illustrated for visual learners.  They cover the disciplines of Social Sciences, Languages, Learning to live together, Community and Environmental studies, Cultural and Social studies. They are specifically helpful for visual learners, for advocacy of Art talents and entrepreneurial studies. They tell of Pirimi who is the model of a gifted young and self- taught artist.  Pirimi loves life, people, and the environment. His books give educators an insight into the thinking and development of a talented emerging artist and environmentalist.


This series of five readers by Shona Hammond Boys QSM, results from her studies of gifted and talented children in The New Zealand Children`s Art Houses of which she is National Director and Founder.  Shona was awarded the Inaugural World Children Award 2015, by International Child Art Foundation for her services to children`s art worldwide. Shona`s CV is available on her website and these books are also on line at www.shonahammondboys.com The books are filmed and set to music by He Tangata Digital Media Systems Limited www.htdm.maori.nz with Laban Freeman as voice over.


  1. PIRIMI`S HOMEWORK:  Pirimi`s kapahaka whanua is a collection of portraits of his family. He draws this for homework instead of writing and essay. It shows relationships and an extended family life.

  2. PIRIMI`S PEOPLE:  A collection of portraits about Pirimi`s neighbours who come from all walks of life and the globe.It includes a map of the neighbourhood and where they all live.

  3. PIRIMI`S NATURE STUDIES: The natural life around him is a subject of great interest  to Pirimi. He shares his knowledge of the local animals and creatures in his immediate environment.

  4. PIRIMI`S EXHIBITION: Pirimi`s solo exhibition is to raise money for a Children`s Art House. He puts up 80 portraits of friends and family.  He uses his talents to advocate for others.

  5. PIRIMI`S GARDEN AND THE BEES: This reveals Pirimi`s true concern for the environment, the global future and shows how our attitude to the environment matters. Pirimi has a bee hive and advises everyone to stop using sprays and chemicals and to look after the bees.

Supplementary Video to accompany Pirimi's Books


Pirimi's Homework


Pirimi represents a visual learner,  He learns by looking and seeing.  He draws the essence of people and shares his knowledge of them with the viewer.

Current school systems and educational infrastructure have little room for the type of communication style which is natural to Pirimi.

How will Miss Wakaira mark this work which is handed in for homework?  It is an essay from a talented young artist who finds reading and writing frustrating and whose natural communication style is visual.


Pirimi's People

Kia ora,

Pirimi is a visual learner.  Through his portraits he shares the characters in his neighbour hood and acts as a social commentator.  His collection gives us an insight into the growing cultural diversity in our communities.  

Pirimi's simple drawings represent a talented young artist whose learning and communication style is visual.

Ngā mihi,

Shona Hammond Boys



Pirimi's Nature Studies

Kia ora!

I hope you enjoy this next installment of Pirimi's world - Pirimi's Nature Studies.

Pirimi is an artist. He is eleven years old and draws every day. He is quiet and does not like reading and writing much but he loves life. He expresses his delight at being alive and communicates by drawing. He draws on whatever he can get his hands on. He even draws on his hands. 

Ngā mihi, ​ 

Shona Hammond Boys Artist/Author/Musician/Film-Maker 


Pirimi's Exhibition

Kia ora koutou,

Hair Do is an entrepreneur and he raises money for the Children`s Art House in his town. He invites his cousin Pirimi to hold a solo exhibition of his portraits as a fund raiser. Pirimi choses to draw Hair Do`s family members and friends and invites them to stand by their portraits at the opening and bring their friends. He asks for donations at the door.   The exhibition was for two weeks in the holidays and the club made $500 in donations. To wind up the exhibition the family members and friends received their portraits and had fish and chips to celebrate. Pirimi had his picture taken with Hair-do for the local paper. 

Ngā mihi,

Shona Hammond Boys


Pirimi's Garden and the Bees

Tena koe,

Pirimi is a highly motivated young artist who loves life, people, and the environment. He has a passionate interest in studying the bees. He uses his artistic talent to advocate for the bee`s future. He quotes Einstein’s words.  “If the bee should disappear from the surface of the earth,man would have no more than 4 years to live.”

Pirimi has launched The BIG BEE BANNER CHILDREN’S PROJECT in New Zealand and China and and invites young artists to add to the collection by sending a copy of their Art work to:  



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