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Arts Education Advocacy

The Founder and National Director of the Childrens Art House Foundation.

For thirty years I have experienced great joy observing countless children who have attended Children`s Art Club sessions in their local Children`s Art club rooms and houses. Many of these children are extremely passionate about their Art and are multi- talented. They have explored their originality and developed and celebrated their ideas. They have made friends and developed strong networks within their communities and nation. They have been determined to make a difference by using their talents for their communities. This is a small selection of what is a vast array of successful alumni stories. These children have gone on to follow their individual dreams confidently using their potential in a constructive contributing manner following the Children`s Art House rules of Love Art and Be Kind.  It has been a privilege to watch their lives unfold into productive adulthood. I hope these examples encourage you to support your local children`s art clubs and art houses.


Children`s Art Clubs focus on children`s creativity. Our aim is to strengthen children as creative beings who love their talents and enjoy sharing them in community. It may be in film, in building, in teaching, in design, in music, in dance, theatre, or advocacy. Every child is precious, different and unique. To build a Creative nation we must first invest in children`s creativity.

Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker

The badge worn by New Zealand Childrens Art House members

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