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A Passionate Vet - Taryn Hutt

When Taryn began as a club member at the North Shore Children's art club tutors were sure that someone else must be doing those wonderful animal and bird studies. Taryn had a rat collection and a deep interest in animals and birds. Her general knowledge and arts ability fascinated her teachers and some of her early works are in the New Zealand Children's Art Collection. Taryn had several solo exhibitions at an early age and encouraged her peers to do the same. She read widely and was a sharp conversationalist who illustrated everything with humour and wit. Taryn was awarded The NZCAHF Emerging Artist of the Year in 2002.  Taryn went to University and has become a passionate animal advocate and veterinarian.

Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker
Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker

Eagles painted when Taryn was nine years old

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