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A Child Art Motivator - Cheryl Iverson

Cheryl began as a founding pupil in the North shore Childrens Art club as a shy, talented and  focussed artist. Cheryl was diagnosed with Asbergers syndrome and she discussed her dream with Shona Hammond Boys and the Hon. George Gair Mayor of the North Shore city before she moved to live in Australia.

Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker
Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker

Cheryl travelled and studied in Malaysia, America and Australia. Throughout her schooling Cheryl won many art awards. She is interested in animation, computing, reading and researching, animals and hockey. She studied animation at University in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and with her mother Linda she set up an Art Club in Colorado USA and one in Golden Springs Queensland Australia. Cheryl has returned to New Zealand and continues to work as a child art motivator for her dream of Childrens Art houses in all communities for all children.

Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker

Art has been my life and I plan an Art filled future

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