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An Arts Co-ordinator - Lisa Hampe

Today Lisa works with the Auckland City libraries as Arts Coordinator. As a teenager Lisa was active in the North Shore Children's Art House Friday night club sessions and her first oil painting is in the National Collection of Children`s Art. Lisa came from Germany and went back there for tertiary studies with a passion for photography. Lisa worked at the Auckland Central Youth Town and North Shore Youth Town Art Houses for several years before taking up her position with Auckland City Council in 2016.  Lisa has great energy and is a vivacious worker for all Arts in all communities.

Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker

Lisa wrote in the Children`s Art House comment book

I am a life member. I think that the Childrens Art House is very inspiring. I`ve seen how people`s spirit is lifted while they work on their individual art underneath the roof of the little art house.

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