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An Architect - Scott Banks

Scott was amongst the first youth members at the North Shore Children Art Club.  He loved designing buildings and architecture.  He lived at Mairangi Bay, played soccer and was a good all round scholar.  Scott worked hard to support his art club and drew this picture of the North Shore Children Art House for a Christmas card.  Scott graduated with distinction in architecture at Auckland University and taught there before joining Jazmax Architecture Company.  Scott Banks was The NZCAHF Emerging Artist of the year in 2001.

Scott Banks wrote in the Childrens Art House comment book. The Children`s Art House will always be in my heart.

Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker

From Scott Banks sketch book The North Shore Childrens Art Club House 1997

Shona Hammond Boys - Artist/Author/Musician/Filmmaker

Taryn Hutt and Scott Banks founding pupils North Shore Childrens Art House exhibiting their work.

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